9INE extend contracts with roster

The organization aims to qualify for the PGL Copenhagen Major in 2024.

9INE have extended their contracts with their current lineup ahead of the transition to Counter-Strike 2. The stated aim is to qualify for the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major in March 2024 and attend other high-tier competitions in 2023.

Wiktor “⁠mynio⁠” Kruk and company were signed by 9INE in August 2022 as the organization revived its CS:GO division after nine months of inactivity following the departure of their Swedish roster. The arrival of Olek “⁠hades⁠” Miskiewicz in January pushed the Poles to new heights and they qualified for the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown and IEM Rio.

9INE brought back Polish CS to the Majors after a 3-0 run at the RMR

9INE‘s cohesive individuals and their tactical depth in maps such as Vertigo made the team skyrocket up the rankings from the No. 44 spot in January to their peak at No. 17.

Piotr “⁠nawrot⁠” Nawrocki‘s men recently became the first Polish team in nearly five years to qualify for a Valve-sponsored event after a flawless 3-0 run at the European RMR in April. However, they failed to replicate the same level of performance in the Legends stage of the Paris Major and left the event with a 0-3 record.

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9INE coach: “Putting Polish CS back on the map in tier-one tournaments is really huge for us”

“We are thrilled to announce the re-signing of our full Polish roster, with a clear main objective: to qualify for the first CS2 major,” the organization announced on Linkedin. “This team made history by becoming the first all-Polish roster to qualify for a major in half a decade. With their sights set on the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024, they are primed to qualify for two consecutive majors.”

9INE have re-signed the following roster:

PolandKamil “⁠KEi⁠” Pietkun
PolandKrzysztof “⁠Goofy⁠” Górski
PolandKacper “⁠Kylar⁠” Walukiewicz
PolandWiktor “⁠mynio⁠” Kruk
PolandOlek “⁠hades⁠” Miskiewicz

PolandPiotr “⁠nawrot⁠” Nawrocki (coach)