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Clash returns to League of Legends in a weekend test for NA

Team creation for Clash on North America has opened as of Aug. 19. Clash is a gameplay mode in...

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v1c7oR becomes free agent |

v1c7oR concludes a 22-month-long tenure with Windigo, having been part of the organisation since November 2017, subsequently benched in...

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STYKO: "The difference between dealing with issues in mouz and in C9 was like night and day"

In the two years spent representing the German organization, STYKO attended 20 LAN tournaments, playing a part in mousesports‘...

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StarLadder Major New Challengers Stage first match-ups, schedule revealed

The second Counter-Strike Major of the year will kick off on August 23 with the New Challengers Stage, featuring...

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StarLadder Major rookie: INTZ |

INTZ are one of the five newcomers in the Major circuit, along with Syman, forZe, DreamEaters and CR4ZY. With...

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BIG unveil tow b as coach

The 35-year-old signed with BIG following the expiry of his contract with Sprout, the team he had been coaching...

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Pantheon will be the next Teamfight Tactics champion

Pantheon’s rework is barely a day old and Riot’s already dropping some news about League’s iconic spear and shield...

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Four teams join European Champions Cup participants' list

The invited quartet of AVANGAR, NoChance, BIG and Windigo bring the team count to nine for the online event,...

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Pantheon champion guide: Grand Starfalling into lane

Ed. note: League of Legends champions evolve over time, and so this post will, too. This post was last...

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New champion splash art shows up on the Public Beta Environment

When the Public Beta Environment updated with the skins and other new changes, a new splash art for what...

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