Award show: Community award finalists revealed

2023’s HLTV Award Show, presented by 1xBet, will feature the inaugral handing out of four 100% user-voted awards: Talent. Event, Streamer, and Creator of the year.

You have been voting since December 21, and those votes have now been tallied to reveal a top three of finalists in each category.

To see the longlist of nominees, and a detailed explanation of our methodology, you can read our announcement article below:

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Award Show: Talent, Event, Streamer, and Creator of the Year nominees unveiled

Talent of the year

United Kingdom James “⁠BanKs⁠” Banks
Canada Conner “⁠Scrawny⁠” Girvan
Australia Chad “⁠SPUNJ⁠” Burchill

Our fourteen-person shortlist has been whittled down to three, starting with interviewer, desk host, and stage host BanKs. The Brit attended 12 S-tier events in those various roles, and benefits from our category-less Talent award to make the top three.

Scrawny lent his voice to the Paris Major grand final, the Canadian play-by-play commentator rising to the occasion and even getting to use some of his French.

Finally there is SPUNJ, color commentator for Cologne and Katowice’s finals and one of the instigators behind the revamped talent-led ESL Pro League broadcast.

Event of the year

Poland IEM Katowice
France Paris Major
Germany IEM Cologne

All three super-elite events in terms of prestige have made it into our users’ top three tournaments of the year.

IEM Katowice opened the year in the storied Spodek, as G2 continued their map-streak to defeat Heroic in the final. Paris Major saw the Danish tournament operator’s trademark stage design taken to a whole new scale for their first Major, a tournament full of upsets and a cathartic ending for hometown heroes Vitality.

IEM Cologne is the final entry, the second of ESL’s flagships to make the final three. Hosted in the ‘Cathedral of Counter-Strike’ at the LANXESS arena, the event saw G2 run out winners in one of the most hotly contested tournaments of the year.

Streamer of the year

Brazil gaules
Germany ohnepixel
Sweden olofmeister

Brazilian streamer Alexandre “⁠gAuLeS⁠” Chiqueta has fostered a unique community of 4 million followers that join him for tournament after tournament on his Twitch channel.

ohnepixel is also in the co-streaming game, but is predominately known for his skins content.

fnatic legend Olof “⁠olofmeister⁠” Kajbjer rounds out the list, the two-time Major winner building an audience of his own since he exited the competitive scene at the end of 2021.

Creator of the year

United Kingdom 3kliksphilip
Estonia NadeKing
United States nartouthere

3kliksphilip has been a staple of the Counter-Strike community for more than a decade, covering updates, weapon balance, community mapping, and humbling requesting Valve to please fix whatever was going wrong at the time.

Starting with a quest to find the most outlandish grenades possible in Global Offensive, NadeKing has since pivoted to more general content with a knack for custom rulesets and in-game challenges.

nartouthere is the professional scene’s utility connoisseur, posting every grenade you’ve ever thought of (and countless that you haven’t) on his Twitter and YouTube channels. He also posts guides to positions and non-utility related pro tricks.

The winners will be revealed on January 13 in Belgrade, Serbia, at the HLTV Award Show presented by 1xbet.