Dota 2 News: Schedule and casters set for the BTS BOT International

Dota 2 News: Schedule and casters set for the BTS BOT International

The remaining schedule and the list of casters for the BTS BOT International has been announced, filling the downtime between the Pro Circuit 2017-2018 season and TI8. 

Making the announcement and debut matches of the BOT International during the TI8 qualifiers, BTS got creative with how to fill the gap between the professional games and bring entertainment to the masses during the downtime. While initially both casters and fans were scratching their head at the prospect of watching matches between bots, the first few showdowns were met with success and positive community feedback. Since then the event has built up much hype and a surprising ‘cult-like’ following.

If you are already an avid fan, head over to the Fantasy Hub for predictions, leaderboards and more.

NOTE: This is NOT the OpenAI Five team that is aiming to compete at TI8.

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BOT International Schedule:

Detailed BOT matches for July 7-8:

July 7

  • Medusa vs Legion Commander
  • Dragon Knight vs Templar Assassin
  • Nyx Assassin vs Queen of Pain
  • Sniper vs Kunkka
  • Necrophos vs Pugna
  • Ursa vs Tusk
  • Bloodseeker vs Oracle
  • Doom vs Death Prophet
  • Viper vs Anti Mage
  • Visage vs Magnus
  • Clinkz vs Rubick
  • Abaddon vs Lone Druid
  • Witch Doctor vs Shadow Demon
  • Phantom Lance vs Batrider
  • Lycan vs Winter Wyvern
  • Windranger vs Tinker
  • Drow Ranger vs Razor

July 8

  • Faceless Void vs Shadow Fiend
  • Invoker vs Techies
  • Slark vs Timbersaw
  • Skywrath Mage vs Huskar
  • Troll Warlord vs Weaver
  • Luna vs Chen
  • Silencer vs Meepo
  • Warlock vs Tiny
  • Lion vs Morphling
  • Ancient Apparition vs Pangolier
  • Phantom Assassin vs Alchemist
  • Sven vs Bounty Hunter
  • Brewmaster vs Io
  • Omniknight vs Arc Warden
  • Dark Seer vs Earthshaker
  • Night Stalker vs Earth Spirit
  • Juggernaut vs Naga Siren

BOT International Talent List:

Early Bracket Casters:

  • July 7-8 – Cap, Dakota, Eosin, Godz
  • July 9-10 – Cap, Dakota, Godz, Trent
  • July 11 – Cap, Dakota, Godz, Lyrical

Main Event Talent: 

  • Host: Dakota “DakotaCox” Cox
  • Panelist: Kevin “PurgeGamers” Godec
  • Panelist: Grant “GrandGrant” Harris
  • Panelist: David “GoDz” Parker
  • Panelist: Austin “Capitalist” Walsh
  • Special appearances by: David “LD” Gorman, Commissioner David “Blaze” Dillon & others!

All matches will be broadcast in English on the BTS Twitch Channel HERE

BOT International Format and Rules:

  • Matches
    • All matches are 5 of one hero vs 5 of another hero in one big teamfight
    • First game level 5 with Ironwood Branches only
    • Second game level 15 with 10k gold budget
    • Third game level 25 with 20k gold budget
  • Bracket
    • Bracket is seeded by hero win rate from DOTABUFF
    • Single elimination until round of 16
    • Double elimination from round of 16 on
    • All matches are Bo3
  • Additional Rules
    • Skill builds will be most commonly skilled but with custom logic (i.e. no CM aura, or Lich Sacrifice, since it’s one teamfight)
    • Talents will be chosen by most popular, with custom logic (i.e. no XP or GPM talents since it’s one teamfight)
    • Talents will be 7.07 talents (more recent talents bug out the bots)
    • Black King Bar cannot be purchased

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