Dota 2 News: Thunder Awaken waves goodbye to whole Dota 2 roster

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08/11/2022, 08:35


After a record-breaking year at The International 2022, the South American professional scene is set to witness the biggest shuffle in region’s history.

Mere days after TI11 came to an end in Singapore, Thunder Awaken have already lost two players to their regional counterparts, beastcoast. The first roster move between these two SA teams was already an indicator that the shuffle would be big in SA. While TA’s roster was put together ahead of the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit, the beastcoast line-up became in July this year the longest-lasting in the history of professional Dota 2, having played in the same formula for over three years.

However, at TI1 it was Thunder Awaken who set a new record for SA Dota by becoming the first team from the region to reach top 6 at the biggest tournament of the year. At the same time, TA has also delivered arguably the most exciting series of the entire tournament in their elimination battle at TI11, against Team Liquid.

But great success and dazzling displays at TI, are usually followed by tempting offers in the tournament aftermath. After Herrera “DarkMago” Gonzalo and Rafael “Sacred” Yonatan were officially announced to have joined beastcoast for the next competitive season, Thunder Awaken waved goodbye to the remaining players, having to start from scratch for the next DPC year.

“When this new project started last year, we dreamed of returning to The International and seeking glory, we are happy to have achieved it with you,” TA chief executive Eduardo Ku Bustios said upon the full roster release.
“As an organization, we are proud to have competed at a high level at TI11 consolidating a Top 6 […] We are very happy to share these achievements and we express our best wishes for your next challenges. The sky is the limit,“ Eduardo Ku Bustios added, while also confirming TA’s commitment to Dota 2 and the interest in building a new team for the 2023 DPC year.

Thunder Awaken former line-up

Christian “Pakazs” Savina
Gonzalo “Darkmago♥” Herrera
Rafael “Sacred” Yonatan
Farith “Matthew ” Puente
Jose “Pandaboo” Hernandez

TA is expected to put together a new roster by the end of the month when the post-TI11 shuffle window is set to close.

DPC 2023 Preliminary Schedule Winter Tour

  • Open Qualifiers: December 11-13, 2022
  • Closed Qualifiers: December 14-15, 2022
  • Division 1 Regional League Tournament: January 9-29, 2023
  • Division 2 Regional League Tournament: January 30 – February 19, 2023
  • Major Tournament: February 24 – March 5, 2022