Dota 2 News: WEU tiebreaker madness is over, Tundra and Entity secure Lima Major slots

Dota 2

31/01/2023, 22:30


Division 1 of the Western Europe Dota Pro Circuit regional leagues came to a close after a two-day tiebreaker loop that seemed impossible to be stopped.

Tundra Esports, OG, and Entity finished the league play tied 4-3 in series score, which pushed the race for the final two tickets up for grabs in Western Europe for the Lima Major to a best-of-one three-way tiebreaker. After two rounds of matches the tie could not be broken. The three teams went head to head up until 2 a.m. trying to find the one victory that would lock them in for the Major to no avail.

Two rounds in a row, Tundra were able to defeat OG, but lose to Entity, while OG were the ones forcing the loop to go on by winning against Entity. The madness resumed on the 31st of January with the third round of matches and once again the opening match was won by Tundra over OG.

For the tiebreaker to stop, Tundra needed to finally find a solution to take down Entity and they did so with an impeccable Zeus performance from Leon “Nine” Kirilin in a 55 minute long game. Although the late game was looking scary for Tundra, who were playing into a Terrorblade coming from the Entity side, a few key kills secured early on the TB and perfect rotation from Nine, who finished the game 18-0-11, sealed the deal.

With Tundra claiming the third Major slot, it was between OG and Entity to decide who would be the final WEU team making it to Lima. OG needed the win over Entity to keep the dream alive, but they found themselves against a high tempo, heavy pushing lineup.

Entity had a Invoker, Death Prophet and Nature’s Prophet core trio on their side to hunt OG everywhere on the map, establish control over the Roshan Pit and secure a smooth victory and a trip to the first-ever Dota 2 Major hosted in South America.

Western Europe qualified teams for Lima Major

With the Winter Tour Division I coming to a close, the next pit stop in the long road to The International 2023 is Lima Major. The event is expected to take place at Arena 1 from Peru’s capital city from February 22 to March 5, with a total of 18 teams fighting for a shot at the title and a share of the $500,000 prize pool and 1,900 DPC points.