NEOFRAG returns to SINNERS |

NEOFRAG is back in his old colors after his international stints

SINNERS have announced a series of changes to its Counter-Strike team, which include the departure of Jindřich “⁠ZEDKO⁠” Chyba and the signing of Adam “⁠NEOFRAG⁠” Zouhar and Filip “⁠AJTT⁠” Dolenský. The news also follows Wednesday’s removal of Simon “⁠KWERTZZ⁠” Horák from the team.

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SINNERS part ways with KWERTZZ

NEOFRAG returns for a second stint with the Czech organization and reunites with three players of the 2021 SINNERS team, Sebastian “⁠beastik⁠” Daňo, Max “⁠SHOCK⁠” Kvapil, and Tomáš “⁠oskar⁠” Šťastný.

He makes his way back to a Czech-speaking roster for the first time since he left SINNERS to join OG in 2022. He has since also had a brief stint with Into the Breach earlier this year, which ended after just three weeks over the player’s alleged “breaches of morals and company standards,” and with ECLOT.

Meanwhile, one of the founding members of SINNERS, ZEDKO, has been left out of the rebuild and leaves the organization after nearly four years to join up with Sampi. His replacement, AJTT, joins the team from Sprout Academy, and after SINNERS had made several unsuccessful approaches for the former Entropiq member in past years.

NEOFRAG is an ingenious player and a huge talent, whose maximum potential was not utilized in the past two years

SINNERS manager Tomáš Pechman

Changes come after a disappointing year 2023 from SINNERS, who lost their status as the dominant side in the Czech Republic and could not find much success on the international scene, either, with a #35 peak HLTV ranking in August.

“To say goodbye to ZEDKO really hurts,” a statement from SINNERS’ manager, Tomáš “⁠efron⁠” Pechman, translated by HLTV reads. “Jindra was with us since the beginning and in those four years became a member of the SINNERS family. It was a joy to work with him, but after such a long period of stagnation we decided the only way up was to break up the core.”

“When something ends, something (old?) new begins. Welcome back, NEO!” the manager said about the return of NEOFRAG. “Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny Adam is an ingenious player and a huge talent, whose maximum potential was not utilized for many reasons in the past two years.”

SINNERS‘ new roster looks as follows:

Czech Republic Sebastian “⁠beastik⁠” Daňo
Czech Republic Max “⁠SHOCK⁠” Kvapil
Czech Republic Tomáš “⁠oskar⁠” Šťastný
Czech Republic Adam “⁠NEOFRAG⁠” Zouhar
Czech Republic Filip “⁠AJTT⁠” Dolenský

Czech Republic Tomáš “⁠Tomkeejs⁠” Tomka (coach)