Prodigy Agency shuts down academy project

Prodigy Agency has announced that it has shut down its academy project, The Prodigies, which was recently embroiled in controversy after a player was accused of cheating in the European Pro League 2nd Division Season 9.

The tournament organizer banned Alvar “⁠consss⁠” Rämman from the tournament and disqualified The Prodigies in the aftermath of a 2-0 victory over MOUZ NXT in the upper bracket quarter-finals.

The decision came after the European Pro League admins reviewed the demo of the match, later releasing a 17-minute video, narrated by MOUZ NXT coach Tobias “⁠TOBIZ⁠” Theo, analysing some of consss’s plays throughout the series. The player has denied cheating and called out the European Pro League for its lack of communication.

In a statement posted to X/Twitter, Prodigy Agency CEO Jérôme Coupez reiterated that the tournament organizer has not provided answers regarding the case. Still, he noted, the damage done to the players and the name “seems irreparable,” leaving him with no choice but to discontinue the project.

Additionally, Coupez pointed to a new conflict of interest rule in the ESL Pro Tour rulebook that wouldn’t have allowed his agency to support the team in ESL Challenger League Season 47, in which several professional players represented by the agency are competing. “Which we fully understand, and I was the one initiating the request for ESL to check on this,” Coupez noted.

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Prodigy Agency announce new academy project

Prodigy Agency launched the academy project in August 2022 as a way to support rising CS:GO talent. The players had salaries and access to coaching, but they were allowed to leave the team for free at any point and continue their careers elsewhere.

“We started from scratch and managed to qualify for ECL and rank up to Top 82 on HLTV, which exceeded all my expectations for the project,” Coupez wrote. “The players will be able to keep the slot and play in ECL, without our involvement.

“We created this project to help the industry and provide a path for promising players to shine, and have proper support that they couldn’t have otherwise – being free to leave at any time without a buyout.

“I think we did a decent job, helping more than 40 profiles in different countries, to develop and sign with teams in a year and a half, providing compensations/salaries to most of them, and never blocking anyone – as promised. I want to thank all the people who supported the project; and especially the players and coaches who shared this amazing journey.”