Wrecking Ball is live with today’s Overwatch patch

After a mysterious teaser campaign and a stint on the PTR, Wrecking Ball (AKA Hammond) is now available to play in Overwatch. He is not available in Competitive Play to…

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The Top 10 Misplays in CS:GO

CS:GO at its core is a tactical game. Coaches and in-game leaders spend countless hours developing complex strategies for each individual map, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned….

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The Best of insane low health League of Legends plays

In League of Legends, when your backs against the wall, and you’re left with an imperceptible sliver of health, amazing things can happen. Whether it’s an outplay that becomes a…

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Getting CS:GO’d: The Best Bugs, Glitches and WTF Moments in CS:GO

To be CS:GO’d is to be rekt, to be wronged, to be utterly destroyed, through no fault of your own, by the one they call Valve. The traditional definition of…

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Mid-Season Invitational Fails and Funny Moments (2015-17)

No matter what region you live in or you support, international events are the highest level of competition a League of Legends fan can watch. But that doesn’t mean that…

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The Best of death-defying, low HP CS:GO plays

On some levels, Counter-Strike is a game of numbers, and your health is, obviously, one of the more important ones. When it hits zero, your round is over. But with…

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Dota 2 vs CS:GO vs League of Legends: Who has the hypest caster calls?

In week 6 of the EU LCS we were treated to one of the hypest caster calls of the split, courtesy of Drakos. So that got us thinking: Which esport…

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BLU: ‘The biggest problem that CS:GO seems to have is the subject matter … it’s like Terrorists and things like that, and that’s obviously a big issue in the world right now’

Podcast video topics and time stamps: 2:55 – BLU on caster burnout 5:12 – Valve’s latest sound occlusion changes in CS:GO 20:45 – His style as a caster, and finding…

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CS:GO Bomb Fails and Funny Moments

As the old adage goes, “don’t be a loser, buy a defuser.” After all, there is ultimately an objective in a round of Counter-Strike beyond killing the five enemy players…

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OpTic Gaming President Ryan Musselman on the Green Wall’s entry into Dota: “We didn’t look at it and say, ‘it isn’t worth it if we don’t go to TI'”

Podcast video topics and time stamps: 2:42 – How do you feel about the Outlaws solid start? 11:40 – Is it hard to get LoL players to create content every…

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